Josh Hamacher
9610 S 242nd Ct, Kent, WA 98030


I have over twenty years of professional development experience across both large and small organizations and in roles ranging from solitary developer to staff engineer. I've worked on projects ranging from standalone executables to real-time simulation components to database-backed web services. I'm a dedicated, hard-working self-starter with strong verbal and written communication skills.


2021 April - Present / / Kent, WA

Staff Software Engineer / CX - Integrations Team / 2021 April - Present

The CX (customer experience) integrations team is responsible for building out Cobalt's first public-facing API.

2015 January - 2021 March / / Seattle, WA

Software Development Engineer II / Quartermaster Team / 2018 April - 2021 March

The Quartermaster team is responsible for self-service provisioning of internal MongoDB, MySQL, and Redis instances.

Software Development Engineer II / DREMR Team / 2015 October - 2018 March

The DREMR team was responsible for Indeed's external (jobseeker- and employer-facing) email infrastructure.

Software Development Engineer II / Resume Team / 2015 January - 2015 September

The resume team was the only Seattle-based team at the time. It was responsible for all aspects of a jobseeker's resume, from entry/import on the web to search.

2008 January - 2014 December / / Seattle, WA

Software Development Engineer II / Source Team / 2010 June - Present

The source team was responsible for the "commit to build" portion of Amazon's internal development workflow. Its role includes supporting all corporate revision control systems, managing a related database-backed metadata service, and (initially) code search and code review.

Software Development Engineer II / Build Team / 2008 January - 2010 May

The build team was responsible for all aspects of Amazon's internal source code and build systems, supporting the entire workflow from managing the revision control system through successfully completing builds of software packages. Associated systems include code search, code review, Perforce and Subversion revision control systems, a proprietary distributed build system, and several metadata systems.

1999 May - 2007 December / FAAC Incorporated / Ann Arbor, MI

Senior Engineer / Military Simulator Group / 2005 September - 2007 December

System engineer for most military simulator contracts throughout this period; technical lead on all military simulator contracts. Duties included estimating effort required to meet requirements, mentoring and guiding other technical staff, and acting as technical-managerial liaison.

Engineer / Military Simulator Group / 2002 September - 2005 September

Technical lead on most military simulator contracts during this period.

Associate Engineer / Military Simulator Group / 1999 May - 2002 September

Assisted senior personnel in designing a QNX 4 distributed real-time simulation architecture for use in driver-trainer simulators. Completely implemented said architecture, totalling about 15,000 lines of code.


1995 September - 1999 May / University of Toledo / Toledo, OH

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Engineering


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